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Homework Due
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Class Name: Junior Honors English
Teacher: James  Malhame
Location: 209
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Due: Today
Last Modified: Apr 1 9:32 AM (7 days ago)
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Dear Juniors,

Attached are PowerPoint slides along with all nine chapters of the novella, Ethan Frome. This is a story about what isolation can do to the human spirit. My hope is that reading this story can help to strengthen our resolve during these difficult and isolating times.

Each slide represents the coursework for a different day for 3/30-4/8. You will notice on each slide that there is a date, an Aim, and a classwork assignment. 

With regard to how long your responses to each question should be, use your judgment based on what is being asked in each question. 

I would like you to turn in the work on ONE DOCUMENT and email it to me all together. Either a Microsoft Word document or a pdf is preferable. Just to be clear, do not email me one assignment at a time. Email them all together by Wednesday, 4/8. 

If you have any questions, please email me. I hope that you all are taking good care of yourselves! Stay safe!

-Mr. Malhame