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Virtual Enterprise & Business Operations (Period 3 & 4)

Location: Room 363
Code: BQN11TVE

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Forest Hills High School
Paul Wilbur, Principal
Carrie Sanchez, Assistant Principal

Virtual Enterprise & Business Operations (BVA)

Course Description:
Virtual Enterprise, (VE), is a simulated business that is set up and run by students with the guidance of a teacher/facilitator and a business partner. This program allows students to experience, in a simulated business environment, all facets of being an employee in a corporate firm. The Virtual Enterprise involves students in every aspect of a business, including human resources, accounting, product development, production, distribution, marketing and sales. This workplace simulation enables students to understand how employees, work-group teams, and departments interact with each other and work together for the goal of the company.

Forest Hills High School has communication links to nearly 3,000 firms around the world, the VE exposes students to different cultures, business practices and currencies and gives students a broader international perspective. Students engage in hands-on applications, problem solving and written and verbal communication. In addition, students learn about a variety of careers associated with business and industry, acquire global economic knowledge (including monetary and business systems of the countries in which the practice firms operate), and use technology as applied in business, including the use of the Internet for global transactions and communications.

Five departments comprise the VE Company: Administration, Accounting/Finance, Marketing, Sales/Purchasing, and Human Resources. The company has a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), a president, and vice-presidents that head each department. The responsibility of Administration is to oversee company operations. The Accounting Department handles all monetary transactions, including accounts receivable, accounts payable as well as the company banking system. The Accounting and Human Resource Departments manage the 401K plans for the employees. The Human Resources Department handles all personnel issues, including the development of an Employee Manual (outlining company policies and procedures), the hiring and firing of employees, and employee evaluations. The Sales/Marketing Departments plan and execute marketing, advertising and promotional strategies for the business.

Grading Policy:

1.Projects 60%
2. Class Work / Class Participation 15%
3. Exams / Quizzes 10%
5. Homework – 15%

Sample Projects and Department Tasks:

• Students will work together to create a written, comprehensive Business Plan as well as a PowerPoint presentation of the company Business Plan.
• Students will showcase their public speaking skills while competing in presenting their Business Plan against students from other NYC schools.
• Each student (company employee) receives a virtual salary. All students are responsible for making Purchases from other VE Firms and creating a Purchases Log. This task helps to stimulate the VE Economy. The students learn how to manage their bank account, fill out an order form from other firms, and make wire transfer payments from their bank account to other firms to pay for invoices.
• All students will be attending the NYC Trade Fair held in NYC. Students work together in preparing for the Trade Fair. Students will set up and create marketing materials, sales strategy, a process for managing invoices and have a chance to meet and negotiate with other VE Firms from around the world.
• Each department in the Virtual Enterprise Firm (Accounting, Human Resources, Sales Marketing, Web Design…) has department specific tasks that the students will complete.
o Example:
o Students in the Sales & Marketing department will create a Sales Catalog and order form.
o Accounting Department – Establish a company Cash Budget.
o Human Resources – Create an Organization Chart
o Web Design – Create a Company Web Site to assist in creating sales for the company.
• Each year one to two students have the opportunity to travel, outside of New York, to an addition trade fair.
• All students will be attending department specific workshops. Each workshop is designed to provide the students with the knowledge and tools to complete their individual department tasks.

Virtual Enterprise Computer Lab

The Virtual Enterprise class is held in a computer lab setting where all students have access to updated computers, copy machines, fax machines, scanners, color laser printers, and the latest in computer software. All students are provided with filing cabinet storage and personal computer storage for all files that the student (employee) is responsible for.

Contact Information
The Virtual Enterprise Coordinator (Teacher) is Mr. Suydam. You can contact him at (718) 268 – 3137 Extension 3631 or E-Mail at: .

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