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Entrepreneurship & Marketing (Period 6 & 7)

Location: Room 363
Code: BNN11T

Forest Hills High School
Paul Wilbur, Principal
Carrie Sanchez, Assistant Principal


Entrepreneurship & Marketing

Course Description:

Some say that successful entrepreneurs are born, not made. Others disagree, saying good entrepreneurship is a talent that can be learned and nurtured. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. The desire to create and grow a business – large or small – requires a combination of character, talent, vision, energy, timing, and a bit of luck.

Do you want to run your own company someday, be your own boss, see yourself working in a large corporation or just want to have a better understanding in general about business? If so, then the Entrepreneurship course is for you.

By taking this class you will understand why people become entrepreneurs and the role and importance of entrepreneurs in our economy and society. You will be provided with an introduction to economics and the factors needed to run a successful business. You will be able to prepare a Business Plan that includes an introduction, mission statement, operational plan, marketing plan, financial plan and growth plan for a company. You will also be able to prepare Microsoft Office 2007 PowerPoint presentations, Excel charts and graphs, and Word documents.

Course Goals: By the end of the school year all students will have developed a Business Plan and PowerPoint Presentation reflecting their individual ideas for a small business as it relates to the Entrepreneurship Curriculum.

Grading Policy:

1. Projects– 60%

2. Class Work/Class Participation– 25%

3. Exams/Quizzes – 10%

4. Homework – 5%

Topics and Sample Projects to be covered:

· Students will learn how to manage files and folders and navigate around a computer network.

· Why do people become Entrepreneurs? A study and look at the factors behind why people decide to become entrepreneurs.

· A look at you, the student, and do you have what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.

· Project on Markets, supply and demand, scarcity, costs, and competition.

· A look at laws and responsibilities of business.

· Leadership – the traits and qualities.

· Types of business formations. Partnerships, Sole Proprietorships, Corporations, and Not for Profits.

· Preparation of complete Business Plan and presentation.

· S.W.O.T. (Strengths Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) Analysis project.

· Financial statements and how they relate to each other and a successful business.

Student Responsibilities

· All students received, reviewed and will follow the NYCDOE Internet Usage Policy.

· All students are to be prepared every day for class. (Bring note book, pen/pencil, and homework)

· Students are to be in class on time NOT AFTER the late bell.

· If students are absent they are to bring in a note from parent/guardian or doctor explaining why the student was absent.

· The Entrepreneurship class may, at times, be held in a computer lab. To help maintain the quality of our computer labs there is NO drinking or eating in ANY computer lab at Forest Hills High School.

· While the students are logged onto the computers, playing games or watching videos is prohibited.

· All students are assigned a User Name & Password that can access any computer in a lab. Students must remember their User Name & Password.

· All class work assignments, Do Now’s, homework, and projects must be completed and handed in on time for full credit.

· Late assignments will be accepted through the end of the current marking period for partial credit. Students will be permitted use of the computer labs to complete missed assignments. Credit due to absence will be assessed using a case by case method.

Website Information 

Check the school website: - Business Department, Teacher and Classes Webpages for additional information, assignments, homework and materials. On the school’s website,, students and parents/guardians can request access for Pupil Path. Pupil Path is the data access portal for both students and parent/guardians to view attendance, current schedule, transcript, and grade book for this class.

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding the Entrepreneurship class, please contact: Mr. Suydam at (718) 268 – 3137 Extension 3631, E-Mail at:

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