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Technology Resources:


Take this Learning Devices Survey​​​​​​​ to communicate your technology needs to the Department of Education.


If you have one of the FHHS devices, remember to use:

1.      The ID:  nycdoe

2.      The PassWord is:  D1IT@D0e

3.      If you have problems with WiFi access for a borrowed computer, please contact the DoE Help Desk at 718 935 5100 or contact Mr. Betty using google voice at 631-647-0312.


Request PupilPath Access if your account is not working.


Connectivity FYI:  This information is reported in the press.  Please follow the company’s guidelines and pay attention to fees and time limits.  FHHS is not connected to or responsible for these services.

1.      Spectrum:  60 days free Wi-Fi, 1-844-488-8395

2.      Optimum and Suddenlink:  60 days of internet service, 1-866-200-9522 or 1-888-633-0030 

3.      AT&T: 60 days of free public service 800-288-2020.


The Department of Education is loaning iPads to eligible students based on need.

1.      Complete the Learning Device Survey

2.    See information about the iPads