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Middle School Students

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Incoming Ninth Graders: If you were accepted to the Class of 2024 of Forest Hills High School, Congratulations!  We are excited to meet you and will be planning opportunities for all of us to get acquainted.  Due to the current climate of uncertainty in the Spring of 2020, we do not have a calendar of events in place.  Please monitor the FHHS website carefully for announcements.

If you were placed on a wait list or did not get into FHHS, this DoE webpage will help you to determine your next steps for High School Admissions.  You may also speak to your current school’s guidance staff.  Due to the fluid nature of the waitlist process where we cannot predict changes of those moving on to or coming off of the waitlist, we are unable to field questions regarding the likelihood of your son or daughter attaining entry to FHHS. 

Please note that the Department of Education, not FHHS, determines where you go to school.  The general process is explained in the How Students Get Offers to New York City Public Schools video.  A more specific explanation is offered in the Middle and High School Admissions:  How Students Get Offers to Screened Schools and the Specialized High Schools​​​​​​​ video.