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Daily Attendance for Remote Learning

Students click here to self report your daily attendance

Attention Students -  You must self report your daily attendance below.  The attendance tracker will be open each morning by 8:00 am and it will close at 9:00 pm.  Once attendance closes at 9:00 pm there is no way to enter.  

Students - please check your email throughout the school day (both personal and pupil path) for important updates from the school and/or from your teachers.

Dear Forest Hills High School Community:


Starting April 9th students and their families will be able to take advantage of some engaging opportunities designed to help our community to work together on interesting and enriching tasks.  While we have dedicated April 9th and 10th to opportunities for students to catch up on work that has not been completed, students can continue to get caught up the other days as the family activities are not that long in duration.  No new work will be assigned until April 20th when remote learning will continue. School buildings will be closed through April 29th at a minimum according to the latest from Governor Cuomo and Chancellor Carranza. These are ever-shaping news items we are keeping track of.


Attendance is still being registered during this time period.  Please log in to record that you are present at:  Students will record their reactions to and feedback from the schedule of activities below as part of their daily attendance.  Many in our community are entering into a period of religious observance.  It is understood that they might not be able to log their attendance on days of observance.  All other students should continue to log their attendance each day.


To all of our community members, I send you warm regards and wish peace and calm for us all during this difficult time.  All of our thoughts and prayers are particularly focused on those members of our community who are struggling in this time of uncertainty. Please reach out to us if you have a need. Included here is a link for everyone that includes important health resources that are easily accessed through the FHHS website.  Additionally, city food resources are noted here and  


Paul Wilbur, Principal



Essential Question


Thursday April 9th


Friday April 10th

Review and Revise

What assignments do I still need to complete? 

Students are to work on previously assigned material. No new material is being assigned until April 20th.

Monday April 13th

College and career Day

What college most suits my needs?


What is the best career for my interests and personal traits?

With your family, use the links below to explore the best fits for you.


What is the best college for you?


What careers do your interest point you towards?

Tuesday April 14th

Civics and the US Census

Why is the U.S. census important?

The census is a count of all people living in the US and is taken every 10 years.  As a family, think about how making sure that we are accurately counted could help your community.  Use the resources below to learn more.


Complete the US Census:

Discuss with your family why they should be counted too.


Read about the importance of the US Census:


Want to learn even more about the history and importance of the census?  Here’s a video!

Wednesday April 15th

Cultural Appreciation

What museum will I visit?  

What will I learn?

Take a tour of a museum with someone in your family.  Use the FHHS library resources page to access information about some famous institutions.  Where did you choose to go? What did you learn?


Choose one of the following institutions. 

The links are on the left side of the library page.


The New York Historical Society

The Smithsonian

The New York Hall of Sciences 

The Museum of the City of New York

The Museum of Jewish Heritage

Thursday April 16th

Family Communication - FHHS Time Capsule

How are my family members experiencing this unique time in history?

Use this day to talk with your family about what is happening right now.  We are living through history!


Interview your parents, caretaker, sibling, or other family member or friend.  Find out what’s on their mind now.

·         What has been the biggest change?

·         What do you think of Remote Learning?

·         What are you most thankful for?

·         What are 2 things that worry you the most?

·         What are 2 goals you have after this?

·         What activities / hobbies have you most enjoyed?

·         What TV show / movie have you been watching?

After you ask these questions, share what you’re thinking and feeling.


April 17th

Meditation and mental health

How can I relax and center myself during times of stress through yoga and mindfulness?

Choose with your family a link below to practice strategies for relieving stress in your lives.  When you are done, describe how the activities made you feel to your partner.