Visual Art

The Forest Hills High School Art Department is led by Assistant Principal Walter Birkhold. His office is located in room 167. A.P. Birkhold is available from 8:00am to 4:00pm.

The Arts are alive in Forest Hills High School; observe, express and create in exciting hands-on classes. Learn how to draw and paint in art appreciation class. Learn about art being made today (contemporary art) and how to sculpt in the  mixed media class. Learn how to become a cartoonist in the cartooning class. Take AP Art History and learn about the wonders of art from the past.

The art classes are engaging with projects that teach students how to express themselves in creative ways. Students also learn how professional artists communicate ideas, create art and express themselves.
The art classes follow the five strands of the DOE Blueprint for the Visual Arts authored by art scholars.
The five strands include:
1. Art making.
2. Literacy in the visual arts.
3. Making connections with other subjects.
4. Using community and cultural resources in the arts.
5. Knowledge of careers and lifelong learning habits through the arts.