Forest Hills High School

Paul Wilbur, Principal – Carrie Sanchez, AP CTE
The Business Academy Program and Sequence

The Forest Hills High School Business Department is led by Assistant Principal Carrie Sanchez.  Her office is located in room 381.  A.P. Sanchez is available from 7:00am to 3:00pm.

The Business Plan Team of our Virtual Enterprise class presented at the NYC level competition representing our company, HelloHealthBox!

The Business Plan Team of our Virtual Enterprise class did great at the Queens competition and will advance to the NYC level competition for next semester!

Business Academy students attend a
Junior Achievement event to take over an elementary school and teach the students about early career and finance

Business Academy Students

Attend a Job Shadow Day at Disney Studios!

High School Heroes

Teacher for a Day!

Street SimpliCity

Business Plan Team


Happy Retirement

Sally Li Young

Happy Halloween!

From Old Man Vidal and Luigi Litkowski

Teacher for a Day!

Our Business Academy students “Took Over” PS303 for a day!  The HS Students taught lessons based on financial literacy and community responsibilities to all classes in grades K-3 with the help of Junior Achievement.

"Work Together,
Play Together"

Employees of Novus V-Tech enjoy prom 

Novus V-Tech Wins Again!

Congratulations to our Virtual Enterprise class for winning a silver medal at the NYC Trade Fair with their Booth Presentation.  Great job!

The Goldman Sachs job shadow was an amazing day for our
Entrepreneurship students!

3rd Place in the Queens Business Plan Competition!

Congratulations Novus V-tech, you have advanced to the next level of competition once again!


Congratulations to the Forest Hills
High School Business Plan Team!

We have advanced to the NYC Virtual Enterprise Business Plan Competition once again! 

Our Business, Novus Tech, will be competing citywide on February 7th at the Museum of Moving Image after passing through the Queens borough competition last month. 

Best of luck to Mr. Suydam and his talented Business Plan Team!


Mission Statement:


     The mission of the Business Academy at Forest Hills High School is to educate and prepare our students for a successful transition into college, the business world, and society after high school.


Entrepreneurship/Virtual Enterprise Program


     The Entrepreneurship/Virtual Enterprise Program is a three year business program designed to provide the incoming students with the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience necessary to become future successful college students and professionals upon graduation.


Students in the Entrepreneurship/Virtual Enterprise Program take three sequential courses:


·         Career Finance and Accounting

·         Entrepreneurship And Marketing

·         Virtual Enterprise and Business Operations

Emphasizing college and career readiness, the program is an in-school, live, global business simulation that offers students a competitive edge through project-based, collaborative learning and the development of 21st-century skills in entrepreneurship, global business, problem solving, communication, personal finance and technology.

With the guidance of a teacher facilitator and associated business mentors of various fields, the Virtual Enterprise course utilizes the skills acquired in Career Finance and Accounting and Entrepreneurship and Marketing to replicate all the functions of a real business. Becoming a part of the business means you may find yourself working for the product development team, in production and distribution, marketing and sales, human resources, accounting and finance, web design or the board of directors!  

This experience gives students a head start on jobs and careers, through developing and managing a business.  Students work in teams to make decisions about how to complete their departmental tasks in support of company goals and objectives.  

If you are interested in the program, please see Mr. Suydam in room 363B for more information or send an e-mail to:



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