The Forest Hills High School English Department is led by Assistant Principal Maureen Troy.  Her office is located in room 341.  A.P. Troy is available from 7:00am to 3:00pm.

     The English Department prepares students to become independent learners who are skilled in the four areas of the English language:
  • reading
  • writing
  • speaking
  • listening
     With teacher support, students become responsible for their own learning;they increasingly assume civic roles and make decisions in the classrooms in order to develop interpretative and evaluative skills that make connections among their reading, writing,and personal lives.

English Honors Classes

Attention Students and Parents - Students in English honors classes are expected to maintain a 91%+ average in their English class to be considered for placement in an English honors class the following school year.

Advance Placement Courses Summer Reading Assignments

See the link below for the Summer Reading Assignment for Mr. Perez's AP English Literature and Composition Course

Girl Up Club (Advisor Ms. Simonetti)

In October, 2016, our very own Forest Hills Girl Up Club was one of two clubs chosen nationwide to be represented in the newest Girl Up documentary. This club was privileged to become one of the clubs chosen because of their activeness, dedication, donations and being the largest Girl Up Club in New York. The National Girl Up Organization Representative, Beth Nervig, along with directors from the recording company entitled Art Supply, dedicated the documentary to capture "a day in the life of a Girl Up Member." The club president, Usemma Khan, is the focus of the film which included shots within Usemma's classes, the hallways of the school, a Girl Up meeting and gorgeous footage of the school building. The documentary will be released on the website, as well as the Girl Up YouTube channel.  

Click HERE to view the documentary

     On Monday January 29, 2018 members of the New York Coalition and Forest Hills Girl Up Club members were invited to the Seventeen Magazine Headquarters located at the Hearst Tower.  Magazine editors Andrea Stanley and Joey Bartolommeo created this event in order to have girls come forward and unabashedly draw forth ideas and opinions on relevant issues that affect young women. Some of the topics debated included the unconsented sharing of explicit photographs, inspirational celebrities, mental health, and career prospects.With these viewpoints, both writers will improve the content and information presented in the magazine. This event featured the participation of Nika Nunez and  Girl Up New York Coalition members Yardena Gerwin, Rebecca Fairweather, and Allison Levin. 

     Crucial moments of the discussion included the careful scrutiny of the topics. Each young woman spoke candidly about the harrowing truths of girls affected by uncomfortable situations. Also, the procedures taken to hinder the practice of capturing explicit photographs was heavily debated. The discussion then continued toward celebrity figures that inspire the current youth. Some of the names mentioned were artists like Beyonce, Sabrina Carpenter, Alecia Beth Moore (Pink), Kesha, Rita Moreno, and many others. These popular celebrities served as potential features for future articles. Another imperative topic discussed was that many juvenile students do not want to acknowledge the stress and anxieties caused by standardized exams. Nevertheless, once people are made aware of shared experiences, the coping process becomes easier. Lastly, the stigmas about mental health problems such as depression and suicide were addressed. Everyone arrived at the following consensus: Once individuals who battle intermittent sadness speak to trusted friends, relatives, or mentors, the incidence of suicide declines dramatically.  Ultimately, the editors got a notion on how to incorporate issues that people would like to read about through these discussions with the Forest Hills Girl Up Club. Stay tuned for future Seventeen Magazine articles, we may be featured! ​​​​​​​

Article By: Nika Nunez

“Girl Up Goes Global!”

On February 23rd Allison Levin and Dayna Saywack attended the 2018 Global Summit at the United Nations in Manhattan. There were 1,300 representatives from 193 countries, including Ms. Africa USA, 2017.  The introduction consisted of motivational speakers, ranging from executive directors and conference co-chairs to the president of the UN General Assembly.

Eight panel discussions were held to discuss issues, such as climate change, STGs, the roles of private sectors in global issues, and the global refugee crisis. This amazing experience allowed our club to speak about issues plaguing our society and gain real world experience as advocates for our cause.

The most empowering part of this event, in addition to standing on the same podium as all of the speakers, a place where Franklin Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, Pope Francis, and John F. Kennedy once stood, was when an eighth grader was called upon to ask a question in the final panel discussion. Her question asked what small things we could all do in our community to have a large impact. While the response may not have been concrete, it enabled the speakers to collectively share one suggestion: the small things we do in our community have a large impact.
This experience solidified something significant.  Our club can implement this knowledge to achieve bigger goals this year that include raising even more money and awareness for global issues.  It was an incredible experience for the Forest Hills Girl Up Club, and we can not wait until the next one!