In Memory of our Beloved English Teacher
Mr. Eric Gerlipp

The English Department is sad to report the death of our colleague Mr. Eric Gerlipp.  He will be greatly missed by the entire staff and students of Forest Hills High School. 

To Honor their colleague, we have invited the English Teachers to submit their favorite "Gerlipp ism's"
  • Mr. Morello - "I must now go and educate the greatest students in the world's greatest city"
  • Conversation between Mrs. Herskovitz and Mr. Gerlipp
    • Herskovitz: "Not much is going on right now"
    • Gerlipp: "Well nothing is going on up there because it ain't a party until I show up... and don't you forget it.  If I decide to grace you guys with my presence you'll notice immediately how the room lights up"

Memories of Mr. Gerlipp:
  • Mr. Malhame - Mr. Gerlipp was the person in this building most likely to be found helping someone else out, whether it be a co-worker or student.  He was always filled with positive energy and had a genuine concern for the well- being of others.
  • Mr. Oberhaus - Mr. Gerlipp was very involved in the tech committee and he wanted to get the best equipment possible to benefit both staff and students.  Mr. Gerlipp was a BIG car guy.  He loved his car except in the winter.  
  • Ms. Miletic - Over the past few years, Mr. Gerlipp decided to try as many new foods that he could, and he managed to try literally hundreds of different restaurants.  We bonded over food as he was always asking me for new recommendations, and we would often trade our food odyssey stories.  To me, Mr. Gerlipp will always be a wonderful, sweet, quirky, kindhearted, curious, and adventurous friend and passionate colleague who reminded and will continue to remind me to find a new food, a new restaurant, a new neighborhood, a new idea, a new way of looking at the world.
  • Assistant Principal Ms. Troy - One day Mr. Gerlipp asked me to observe him in his period 1 English class for a lesson based on Hamlet.  He knew it was early in the morning for an observation , but he assured me I would enjoy the lesson.  As promised, I did enjoy the lesson! For my enjoyment, he connected Jax Teller from the Sons of Anarchy to Hamlet.  This lesson was indeed, on of the most enjoyable early morning observations of my career.
  • Mrs. Vella - Mr. Gerlipp was a dear friend and colleague.  Last year, I remember passing his classroom every morning for a motivational quote of the day.  Each day he would greet me with words such as "Let's do this", referring to the day's work ahead.  His motivation was very encouraging.  Mr. Gerlipp will be missed as he was a great role model to his students and all those who had the pleasure to know him.