World Languages

Hebrew 1
In this course students will learn elementary Hebrew conversation as well as some basics characters to enable them to read and write the language. They will study the culture of Israel as well as the traditions of the people.
Hebrew 2
This course is a continuation of the basic skills mastered in Level I with emphasis placed on oral and written expression. There will be a chance to study the culture of Israel as well as develop an appreciation of the contributions of the Hebrew-speaking community within the United States.
Hebrew 3
In addition to strengthening oral and written expression, this course will enable students to sharpen their skills in auditory and reading comprehension. Participation in the culture of the Hebrew-speaking world through the arts and media will be encouraged. Students will take a three-year Regents examination upon completion of this course.
Hebrew 4
In this course students will be introduced to Hebrew literature by means of reading short selections of prose and poetry. Greater emphasis will be placed on conversational skills.   Students are encouraged to enjoy and appreciate the Hebrew language, its peoples, and customs by exploring lifestyles and sentiments through literature. This course is designed to prepare students to become successful candidates for a college-level course.