World Languages


French Club (Le Cercle Français) - 11th Period - Room 311 - Friday 

The French club is held every Friday of the month 11th period in Room 311. We meet to practice our French language skills, to learn more about Francophone culture and to have fun. If you have any questions, please see Mr. Tejiram or send him an email at: We hope to see you at our next meeting!

Chinese Club - 11th Period – Room 314  - Monday  

The Chinese Club is an active student club in Forest Hills High School. The mission of the club is to promote communication, understanding, respect, and appreciation among all students; to promote and support Chinese culture and language. The club membership is open to all students. Club activity includes Chinese calligraphy and ink painting, Chinese movies and music, tea ceremony, Chinese food tasting, holiday arts and crafts, Chinese folk dance, Chinese homework help, etc. 

Japanese Club - 11th Period – Room 328 - Friday


The Japanese Club intends to promote international awareness by gathering students with a common interest in the Japanese culture. Students have the opportunity to explore several aspects of Japanese traditions related to food, arts, holidays, entertainment, through hands on activities and events such as the tea ceremony, games, origami, etc. Students are also given the opportunity to get involved in activities to help not only local, but communities worldwide.

Judaic Club10th Period – Room 330 – Tuesday

The Judaica club is a very entertaining and interesting club in Forest Hills High School. In the club, we talk about Jewish culture and the traditions. We serve traditional Israeli food as Falafel and Shuama. This club is offered to everyone in the school. The club also takes students on trips to further show the culture of the people, as museums & concerts and other cultural events. The club helps us connect to and get closer to Jewish traditions. During the club, we play Israeli music, sing along and dance together like a family event.


Bukharin Club - 9th Period – Room 101 – Thursday


Indian Languages and Culture Club - 11th Period – Room 344 – Tuesday


Korean Culture Club - 11th Period – Room 228 – Thursday