World Languages


Chinese 1


In this course students will be introduced to the basic skills required for comprehension, conversation, reading and writing in the Chinese language. They will also have the opportunity to explore the culture of the Chinese-speaking world.


Chinese 2:

This course builds upon the skills developed in Chinese 1, students will review basic structures and furthers practice of listening, speaking, reading and writing Chinese with richer vocabulary and sentence structures. The course focuses on making daily conversation, asking and answering questions, describing objects, giving directions, and conveying their feelings and opinions to express their personal interest and meet their social needs.  


Chinese 3


A course aimed at refining and improving the language skills of the native speaker of Chinese. Intensive as well as extensive reading of excerpted literary works is emphasized. This course is closely connected with subjects of American history and literature in order to help students succeed in all subjects. Critical discussion and analysis of literary themes are encouraged. Written analysis and critiques are stressed.


Chinese culture:

This course lifts the mysterious veil of China. The aim of this course is to provide students with a deeper knowledge of Chinese. Students will understand the foundations of Chinese civilization and the dimensions of Chinese culture by exploring its beautiful landscapes, etiquette, philosophical beliefs, literature, arts, customs, and etc.       


Chinese AP 


This course will help the student for the Advance Placement Examination of Chinese Language and culture through  the study of literary themes, conversational topics, grammatical, culture and idioms.Emphasis will be placed on exploring Chinese culture, reading comprehension skills, as well as expanding written skills on the target language



  • All students will have completed the Chinese Regents.
  • Teacher recommendation and approval of the department supervisor.
    Note: this is a two semester course and cannot be dropped mid-year. In addition to Forest Hills credit, students who score 3 or better on the AP exam may be awarded college credit upon successful completion on the Advance Placement Examination in May, which is required. There is an $90 examination fee.