Social Studies

     The Social Studies Department is committed to helping students develop an understanding of the world in which they live as well as the history of this nation. As they move from course to course, they are encouraged to think critically, develop their research and writing skills and prepare for college and the 21st century world that awaits them. They are also challenged to become active, engaged citizens in their school and community. 
     Advanced Placement courses and electives give our students the chance to push themselves forward and explore different areas of interest. 
     Our teachers look for innovative, engaging ways to meet the needs of all learners, and many have been recognized as leaders in their field.
     Our teachers and students have been recognized for their work in We the People, Youth Court, Moot Court, Mock Trial, the Fed Challenge, Model UN, the Civics Mosaic project, the Gilder Lehrman Teacher Academy, the WISE Quality of Life Research project, the WISE Financial Literacy program, the Welcome Academy, the United Nations Global Voices project, the Council for Unity, Clash of Civilizations or Meeting of Minds project,
     We also offer numerous internships, volunteer programs, college courses and competitions.
     We have a Criminal Justice/Police Science course which is geared for Juniors and Seniors who want to go into the Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement field.  Many students who have completed this course have moved onto John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

Blue Star School
Forest Hills High School was named a Blue Star School for graduating financially literate students.  Seniors take the WISE Financial Literacy Exam in May of each year as part of Senior Economics. 

Monday 12/19/16

Special Guests - Secretary of the Treasury and Forest Hills Graduate Jacob Lew and Noted Author and Forest Hills Graduate Ron Chernow along with Maria Bartiromo from Fox Business Network held an economics discussion on the United States Treasury and Alexander Hamilton.

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Our We the People Team competed in the NYS Championship on Saturday 1/12/19

Congratulations to Half Hallow Hills High School on winning the competition. We wish them the best as they will go on to represent NYS in the National Competition. 

Our unit 3 did win a unit award. The Forest Hills team, led by Ms. Kelly worked hard and competed well. We are proud of their effort.

Winners of the Annual 2019 Global History Fair

Judges' Vote - 
  • First Place - Michelle Dogillo - The Sphinx
  • Second Place - Daniel Zavlunov - Mayan Calendar
  • Third Place - Erik Pappas - DaVinci Flying Machine
Audience Vote - 
  • Best Overall - Frank Gonzalez - Trebuchet
  • Most Creative and Unique - Raphael Aminov - Blue Mosque
  • Most Effort - Bence Kalan - Pueblo
  • Most Historically Accurate - Aden Murphy - Disc Thrower
  • Best Use of Materials - Morgan Haberstumpf - Trojan Horse
International Vote - 
  • First Place - Julie Nepomucerio - Parthenon
  • Second Place - Bianca Aglibot - Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Green Team Award for Best Use of Recycled Material
  • First Place - Amirjon Rasulov - Gothic Church
  • Second Place - Ebru Hoscan - Hagia Sophia
  • Third Place - Lorraine Chan - Totem Pole
  • Honorable Mention - Erika Verdesoto - Spanish Armada