Social Studies
Social Studies Required Courses of Study
All Social Studies classes will challenge the students to explore the subject in greater depth and to think like historians. Students will be challenged with rigorous text and will be asked to think deeply and critically about the past, looking for connections and the relationships across time and place. All course have be aligned to the Common Core and the NY State Social Studies Framework.
Global Studies I- HGN21
This course, which is required for graduation, begins students on a chronological study of world history, beginning with the basic foundations of the study of history and geography, including the use of secondary and primary resources. The course moves from pre-history to the emergence of great civilizations, including the Greek, Roman, Gupta, Byzantine and Han Empires as well as the empires of Mesoamerica and Africa. They examine the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the Age of Exploration and the rise of absolutism around the globe. Students in this course will be assigned specialized writing projects and will take part in the Freshman History Fair.
Global Studies II- HGN22
This course, which is required for graduation, continues the study of world history, moving from the Scientific Revolution to today. It includes focus on the Enlightenment, revolution and industrialization, a study of the world wars, the rise of communism and the Cold War and the post colonial world. Students discuss contemporary issues and develop the content and reading and writing skills they will need as they prepare for the Global History and Geography Regents, which is required for graduation.
American History- HUN11
This course, which is required for graduation, takes the student on a survey of American History, from the foundations of our nation through the present. Topics covered include our colonial roots, the establishment of the government foreign policy, the growth of US and federal power, the Civil War and Reconstruction, industrialization, immigration, WWI and WWII, the Great Depression, the Cold War, the Civil Rights Movement, and change in America. It also includes a focus on current issues. This course terminates in the United States and Government Regents, which is required for graduation.
Participation in Government- HVS11
This course, which is required for graduation, explores the foundations and workings of our federal, state and local governments, focusing on Constitutional principles. Students examine the Constitution itself as well as the Presidency, Congress and the Supreme Court and state and local government. Students are challenges to develop analytical, higher order critical thinking skills. Students are required to complete a Senior Thesis in this class, where they have to demonstrate their research and writing skills as well as their abilities to think critically and analytically. They are also expected to participate- there is a 15 hour community service requirement for all students in this course.
Economics- HEN11
This course, which is required for graduation, helps students develop and understanding of the inner workings and theories behind our economic system. It is designed to have the students gain the financial literacy that will assist them throughout life. Students in the course will take the WISE Financial Literacy exam.
Courses for English Language Learners
Each of the courses listed above have special sections for students in our ELL population. The teachers of these courses cover all of the required material and skills, utilizing techniques that will help students understand the content and improve their skills