Social Studies

     As historians, we examine documents that help us see the past through different eyes.  We can use these to help us construct an image of what happened and draw inferences about events.  Combining this information with knowledge we have gathered in class and in our reading and homework assignments, we can answer an enduring issue essay question about the important historical events. And enduring issue is an issue that exists across time. It is one that many societies have attempted to address with varying degrees of success.


     In order to practice as historians and as a way to prepare for the Global Studies and Geography Regents exam, you are going to work on an Enduring Issues Essay, examining all of the documents and using these as well as outside information to answer an essay question.  You will work on this project over the marking period, handing in components throughout and will get feedback that will help you correct your mistakes and write a stronger essay.  Each component will be graded and the final essay will count as an exam.


     You will build this assignment as a portfolio.  Every time you submit it and get something returned, you will add it to the portfolio so you can track your progress and reference past work and suggestions.​​​​​​​

*** Remember, every time you submit something, you will hand in the entire folder with all work, grades, and corrected, or other work you have done.***

Portfolio Rubric
  • A) Document Annotation -                                                   5 points
  • B) Outside Information -                                                      5 points
  • C) 1st Draft -                                                                        20 points
  • D) Essay
    • Thesis Statement -                                                   5 points
    • Use of Documents -                                                 10 points
    • Discussion of each document -                                20 points
    • Outside information -                                                10 points 
    • Spelling / Grammar -                                                10 points
    • Essay Organization -                                                10 points
  • E) Neatness of folder and its outside appearance -             5 points

See attached word document below for the assignment.