Music & Dance
The Forest Hills High School Music & Dance Departments are led by Assistant Principal Walter Birkhold. His office is located in room 167.  The main office for the Music Department is room 412.  A.P. Birkhold is available from 8:00am to 4:00pm.

The Forest Hills H.S. Music Department’s goal is to give each student insight into the world of music. We aim to prepare students for college and the professional world. Throughout all courses, students will:
  1. Gain skills and expressive abilities
  2. Become musically literate
  3. Make social, historical and cultural connections
  4. Become enriched by experiences within the cultural community
  5. Learn about career opportunities in music
  6. Broaden experiences making music a source of enjoyment
Our faculty consists of professional musicians that are constantly performing in the New York City area. They are all alumni of top music programs throughout NYC. Our Jazz Band has a working relationship with the Queens College Music Department Jazz Residency Program (The Jazz Project) and Lincoln Center. We also have a great relationship with the York College Summer Jazz Program. Our vocal program has a working relationship with The National Chorale as well as Lincoln Center. Our orchestra has performed for various community events including local nursing homes. We have an ensemble to accommodate every students needs.

If you are interested in Music and want to play in one of the F.H.H.S. bands, or you want to try out for chorus, or you want to try out for a beginner elective course please stop by room 412. We will be happy to give you information. 
Music Department & World Language Department Policy

In regard to all students accepted in Q19P Academy of Instrumental and Vocal Music Program the following shall be in effect beginning September 2018 in regard to World Language requirements

1) In 9th grade, the Q19P students will be programmed for their one year of a World Language and their correct performance ensemble music class (as told to counselors or the program department by Assistant Principal Birkhold).

2) In 10th grade, these students will be programmed for UUN41 Music Theory level 1 as well as their correct performance level music ensemble.  These students will not be programmed for a World Language class.

3) Upon completion of their sophomore year, if any student wishes to resume their language path they can apply through their guidance counselor who will then confer with Assistant Principal Birkhold.

Music Department Performance Policy

Dear Parent/Guardian of a student in the FHHS Music Department,

            Your child’s overall success at Forest Hills High School is of paramount concern to you as it is to us.  With that being said, in order to maintain high academic standards while promoting college readiness, we have implemented the following policies in the music department:

1)    Your child must maintain a minimum overall average of 70% to be eligible to participate in any day performances with their performing ensemble whether it is the Spring or Winter Day concerts or any special assemblies.

2)    Your child must maintain a minimum overall average of 75% to be eligible to participate in outside-of-school performances (Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, etc.).

3)    Any student who fails 2 or more subjects on their report card prior to our Winter or Spring Concert (usually marking periods 2 & 5), may be withheld from any/all evening performances.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail any of our music teachers.  There is a direct link to every teacher’s e-mail on our school website  As always, we are concerned with your child’s overall success, not just their musical success.


Mr. Birkhold

AP Music