Student Programming

Course Offerings 2020 - 2021

English Department
Assistant Principal, Maureen Troy

Elective Courses

Drama Academy

 Drama Academy

The Drama Academy at Forest Hills High School offers a four-year program in the study of Theater Arts. All courses are full year                                                            Application/ Audition


Freshmen Drama (CQN41QDA)

Basic Techniques in Acting; Duet Acting, Monologue Acting; History of Theater


Sophomore Drama (CQN42QDA)

Continuing to scaffold our acting studies-the students now will study more advanced scenes, plays, and monologues; Audition Skills for the Actor.


Junior Drama (CQN43QDA)

 Advanced Scene Study; Writing and Producing One Act Plays.


Senior Drama (CQN44QDA) 

Film production course-acting, directing, editing.



Cinema- open to 11th and 12th graders (CQN11)

Students will develop a sense of distinction or sensitivity to the difference between standard-fare movies and aesthetically challenging films. 


Poetry and Song-open to all students (EQN11QPS)

Students will interact with the English language through the lens of sound, studying both old world lyrical poetry and modern song structures. Along the way, students will deconstruct work that is often just accepted into the ears without analysis. Students will re-evaluate their content choices and study them critically.


Global Activism and Awareness (Girl Up)-open to all students (EQN11QGU)

No matter their background, girls have the power to transform themselves, their communities, and the world around them. This elective discusses the past and current issues of gender equality through literature, film and social media.  Girl Up was founded by the United Nations Foundation in 2010 and continues to work across a global community of partners to achieve gender equality worldwide.

ENL Elective ELN11QQL (open to all ENL students)-

ENL Elective:  Language Exploration

This elective is designed for struggling ENL students who have tested Transitioning or Expanding and can benefit from having an additional course of English language immersion.  This course provides them with language exploration through the use of literature, drama and film.  Students’ reading, listening, writing and speaking skills will further be reinforced by supplemental grammar and linguistics units.

Advanced Placement Courses

Advanced Placement/Selective Courses

AP Literature and Composition (EEN44X)

This college level elective course is a rigorous college-level course that will not only serve as preparation for the demands of college level reading and writing but will also help you develop the skills needed to meet the challenge of the Advance Placement Literature and Composition Exam. Students will develop skills needed to effectively approach and write about literature spanning across a myriad of genres, implementing both individual ideas, as well as the ideas engendered from class discussions and various secondary sources.  Throughout the year students will also develop skills that will advance their ability to perform close-textual and critical analysis. 


Shakespeare through Cinema (EEN44QCS)

In Shakespeare through Cinema, we will study Shakespeare's work by watching film versions of his plays.  In addition, we will study various modern-day adaptations of Shakespeare's plays such as Ten Things I Hate About You (Taming of the Shrew) and O (Othello).

African American Literature (EEN44QAL)

African American Literature is a senior English selective that examines the human experience of African Americans throughout history. This class is both an introduction to some of the great works of black literary expression and an examination of this category. Throughout the year we will investigate the historical circumstances (including Slavery, Reconstruction, Jim Crow, the Harlem Renaissance and Modernism) that have shaped—and been shaped by—this body of literature. Topics to be addressed in this course include canon formation, negotiations between fiction and history, disembodiment, race relations, and identity to name a few.