Student Programming

Course Offering 2020 - 2021

Business Department
Assistant Principal, Carrie Sanchez

Special Program -   Virtual Enterprise / Entrepreneurship

Business Applications, Finance & Accounting (BQN11TCA) Year One

Welcome to our computer labs! This course uses Microsoft Office to explore WORD, EXCEL, POWER POINT and the integration of the software. Students will create different documents, worksheets, financial statements and presentations suitable for class work, professional and personal use in a ‘learn-by-doing’ approach. 2 credits, Full Year


Entrepreneurship & Marketing (BNN11T) Year Two

Do you want to run your own company someday, be your own boss, see yourself working in a large corporation or just want to have a better understanding in general about business? If so, then the Entrepreneurship and Marketing course is for you! By taking this class you will understand why people become entrepreneurs and the role and importance of entrepreneurs in our economy and society.  Students will learn how marketing affects the success of a business and how to create a business plan. You will be provided with an introduction to economics and the factors needed to run a successful business. 2 credits, Full Year


Virtual Enterprise Operations & Management (double period) (BQN11TVE) Year Three

Interested in business? Virtual Enterprise, (VE), is a simulated business that is set up and run/managed by students with the guidance of teachers/facilitators and a business partner. This program allows students to experience, in a simulated business environment, all facets of being an employee in a corporate firm. Students have the opportunity to travel for FREE and compete in group competitions against other schools in Queens and NYC; attend Trade Fairs in NYC and other cities in the USA and work in paid internships. 4 credits, Full Year