Student Programming

Course Offerings 2020 - 2021

Science Department
Assistant Principal, Liz Kim

Elective Courses

​​​​​​​Astronomy: Astronomy is an introductory course.  Students will explore and study the universe. Supernova, quasars, black holes, the planets, the Sun, and the stars are some of the subjects examined. The answer to the question “Are we alone in the universe?”, will be examined.

Ecology: This one-year elective course is designed to cover biological, geological, and physical concepts of the world.  Students will explore the natural setting (organisms, ecosystems, and their interactions) and human impacts on these systems.  Current events related to ecological science will also be explored.  Students will learn through various modes of understanding, such as group activities, hands-on projects, and debates. 


Farm to Table (SGN11): Students will explore the connection between the science of farming and the food industry.  Students will also explore topics such as the ecology of food and sustainable food systems.  They will also plant and support the school garden initiative.


Forensic Science: Forensic Science is a one-year elective course. This course will introduce students to scientific concepts used by forensic scientists to examine and analyze evidence found at crime scenes.  Students will engage in scientific investigations and formulate scientific explanations. Students will also gain a general overview of the legal process. 

Introduction to Engineering:  This project based course will provide students with a foundation in the basic principles of engineering. Students will explore the engineering design process, developing designs, creating models and prototypes, testing and evaluating designs, and communication and presentation skills. Specific careers of engineers will be discussed.

Robotics: Robotics is a one-year elective course where students will work in teams to build robots using the Tetrix build system, and have their robots engage in competitions.

Advance Placement Courses

The recommended sequence of science classes is as follows for students interested in taking Physics and/or AP Science classes:  Living Environment à Chemistry à Physics à AP Science


Advanced Placement Course Offerings:

AP Biology

AP Biology is a mirror of a first year college biology course. Students are required to conduct inquiry-based investigations to cultivate their understanding of:
Cellular processes, evolution, genetics, energy, information transfer, communication and interactions, and ecology.  This course includes one double period lab day per week. 

•85 GPA

•Marking period 4 grade of 85 in current Regents science course

•Completion of Living Environment (Regents score of 80 or above)

•Completion of Chemistry (regents score of 80 or above)


AP Chemistry

This course is an in depth study of chemical concepts, principles, and applications.  Related areas of study are: structure of matter, states of matter, reactions, descriptive chemistry, and laboratory work.  This course includes one double period lab day per week. 

•85 GPA

•Marking period 4 grade of 85 in current Regents science course

•Completion of Living Environment (Regents score of 80)

•Completion of Chemistry (regents score of 80)


AP Environmental Science

This course integrates Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics, Law and History to explore the natural world.  Students will employ critical thinking skills to explore the integration of ecosystems and the connections between living and nonliving things.  They will also examine the substantial effects of worldwide human activity on the Earth through scientific discoveries, case studies, and current events.  There will be at least one scheduled field trip during the year, which will facilitate student understanding of the ecology of Queens.  This course does not have a double period lab.

•85 GPA

•Marking period 4 grade of 85 in current Regents science course

•Completion of Living Environment (Regents score of 80)

•Completion of Chemistry recommended (regents score of 80) OR Completion of Earth Science (Regents score of 80)


AP Physics C - Mechanics

The AP Physics C courses is a college level calculus based physics course in Mechanics.  This course will be devoted to Mechanics and the study of kinematics, Newton's laws of motion, work and energy, systems of linear and particle momentum, circular motion and rotation, oscillations, and gravitation. Students will be required to analyze problems verbally, mathematically, and graphically.  This course is recommended for all students with an interest in pursuing physics and/or engineering in college.  This course includes one double period lab day per week.  Only students who have completed regents Physics can apply for this AP Physics course. 

•85 GPA overall

•Marking period 4 grade of 85 in the Physics Regents science course

•Completion of Living Environment (minimum Regents score of 80)

•Completion of Chemistry (minimum Regents score of 80)

•Marking period 4 grade of 85 in current Math course

•Completion of Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry Regents courses (minimum Regents score of 80)