Student Programming

Course Offerings 2020 - 2021

Physical Education and Health
Assistant Principal, Walter Birkhold

All Forest Hills High School students are required to complete 7 semesters (of 5 day a week PE) and 1 semester of Health in order to graduate.  Every semester that you are in attendance at FHHS, health or PE MUST be on your program. The FHHS PE department offers students instruction in many of the common team sports including basketball, volleyball, soccer, football, and handball.  In addition to the classes that meet in the gymnasiums, we offer instruction in fitness and weight training.  Yoga is an elective that is frequently offered in PE.


Health is a required course for graduation.  In one of the 8 semesters in high school, a student will be given health instead of PE.  The FHHS health curriculum includes units on mental and physical health & wellness as well as nutrition.  It also includes all city and state mandated curriculum.