Student Programming

Course Offerings 2020 - 2021

Instructional Support Services (ISS)
Assistant Principal Barbara Cali

College and Career Readiness

The purpose of this course is to provide students with the tools to transition them in their chosen direction after high school. The skills taught in this course are imperative to ensuring that each and every student who graduates has a clear understanding of how to succeed and thrive in college, at work or both. Students will engage in research papers, portfolio development, presentation and speaking activities, business writing and telephone skills, as well as field trips and interactions with guest speakers in a variety of post-secondary fields.


Introduction to College Writing

Introduction to College Writing is designed to build on skills students already have to strengthen their writing processes and to introduce you to key academic skills that will help them succeed. This course will help you understand what will be expected of your writing in college such as such as previewing the text, organizing text information, identifying main ideas, annotating, and summarizing, evaluating information, outlining, writing and revising. Read and write about selections in a variety of academic disciplines to develop critical reading and writing skills. Write essays to inform, react, apply, analyze, and synthesize. Complete a final research paper applying reading, writing, and thinking skills.

Introduction to College Math

In this course, students explore how to survive in a number-driven world, increase their mathematical knowledge for making logical decisions, and to begin to develop connections with mathematics in their related field of study and daily lives.