Class of 2020
This section has been created to help you succeed academically and to make your senior year experience as enjoyable as possible. We have planned many activities so that you can create a lifetime of memories. If you cannot find the information you need regarding activities related to the Class of 2020, please contact Mrs. Grant, Senior Advisor at
All activities run through the Senior Office have ONE GOAL in mind -- YOUR GRADUATION!  With this in mind, please take note of the following regulation from the Chancellor's office.
The Office of the Chancellor has stated that:
“Consistent with the need to maintain standards and to communicate to students our expectations of them: only students who have successfully completed the requirements for a high school diploma, including courses and standardized tests, will be permitted to participate in graduation ceremonies conducted by their schools.”
In the section on the left, you can find information on the following:
  • Senior Guide Book and Calendar -- A copy of the guidebook is available for download for all Seniors in the Class of 2020.  Parents will receive a printed copy of the guidebook at the Senior Parent Meeting on October 3rd.  This will guide you on all graduation requirements including Community Service and Senior Thesis requirements, the college application process and scholarships available, senior activities including senior dues, trip, prom and requirements for participation in these activities.
  • Senior Dues Flyer and Information Sheet -- Information regarding senior dues and the form that must be completed when paying your senior dues.
  • Graduation Requirements - what credits and Regents do you need for a diploma
  • Yearbook Photo - how to pick out your yearbook photo 
  • Yearbook Ad and School Ring Information
  • Senior Trip Information
  • Senior Prom Information
  • Rules and Regulations for Participating in Senior Activities
  • Community Service Logs and Instructions for Essay -- Due January 3rd!!
  • Senior Thesis Instructions -- Due November 13th
  • Naviance Student Guide - this page is a helpful guide to using Naviance for the college application process
  • College Information Websites - helpful websites that provide information on the college application process 
  • Financial Aid and Scholarship Websites - helpful websites for finding financial aid and scholarships for college.
  • Scholarships Page - Updated information from the College Office on scholarships that are available.

Class of 2020 - Senior Class Government Representatives

Senior Class Co-Presidents - Paige Foreman

Senior Class Vice President - Rebecca Fairweather

Senior Class Secretaries - Lily Lou

Senior Class Treasurer - Jacob Niyazov

Senior Class Advisory Position –  Brigette Bertoni, Paige Brown, Mariealies Salazar