Class of 2020
Rules and Regulations for Participating in
Senior Events and Graduation
Dean’s Record
All students participating in a Senior event must be cleared through the Assistant Principal of Security. The AP Security will advise the Senior Advisor in writing, which students are and are not eligible to participate in Senior Activities.
Requirements for Attending the Prom/Senior Trip
Students will be EXCLUDED from attending the Prom or the Senior Trip based on the following:
1. Dean’s Record ** see above**
2. If they were absent from any New York State Regents exam that you were scheduled to take while you were attending Forest Hills High School.
3. If they have not paid their Senior Dues in Full
4. For the Senior Trip: Received two or more grades of 55 or below in the 2nd Marking Period Report Card (December 9, 2019 Report Card).
5. For the Prom: Received two or more grades of 55 or below during the 5th Marking Period Report Card (May 4, 2020 Report Card).
6. For the Senior Trip and Senior Prom: Unreturned textbooks for any department
7. These requirements also apply to prom guests of seniors who are FHHS students
The Office of the Chancellor has stated that:
“Consistent with the need to maintain standards and to communicate to students our expectations of them: only students who have successfully completed the requirements for a high school diploma, including courses and standardized tests, will be permitted to participate in graduation ceremonies conducted by their schools.”