Class of 2020
The websites below students from past graduating classes have found helpful in finding scholarships, financial aid and loans for college.
SCHOLARSHIPS, FINANCIAL AID & LOAN INFO  FREE APPLICATION for FEDERAL STUDENT AID - This is the first step in the financial aid process, completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This form is an absolute requirement for any student seeking federal loan dollars.  – FINANCIAL AID - This award-winning site has grown into the most comprehensive annotated collection of information about student financial aid on the web.  - Sallie Mae, the nation's leading provider of education funding, offers tools for paying for education, including downloadable forms and financial calculators. Designed to serve the needs of prospective college students and their families, as well as current student loan borrowers, this site provides details on federal, private and nontraditional loan programs. 1-800-891-1410  - Nellie Mae's Web site provides students and parents with information on planning to pay for college and managing debt. Users can access a variety of calculators and the Debt Management EDvisor software. Borrowers may pre-qualify or apply for a private or PLUS loan that is processed in under two minutes, or download a blank loan application and apply manually. - Student scholarships available in the New York area  - The key to comprehensive financial aid information for parents, students and school counselors along the road to higher education. Interactive tools, including a scholarship search engine, online loan applications, customized loan management and counseling modules, financial aid guidance and a wealth of calculators help families navigate the financial aid process.  SCHOLARSHIP SCAMS - Operated by the Federal Trade Commission, this site provides information about scholarship scams and how to identify/avoid/report them. Please read the information at this site before you or your child signs any documents dealing with scholarships.  FREE SCHOLARSHIP INFO - finding service with database of over 2,000 sources of scholarships, grants, and fellowships for college and university students. Also provides free counseling, info on internships, and more.  - Information about local, state and national scholarships and grant opportunities, in addition to the many Federal and private loan options.  - The largest private sector scholarship database in the world. Includes scholarship myths, facts, step by step guides, scams, glossary, bibliography, and links.  - MINORITY SCHOLARSHIPS- A Comprehensive list of agencies which sponsor some form of graduate fellowship, scholarship, etc, for minority students.  -'s scholarship search is the most comprehensive online resource available. By completing an online profile form, students have access to over 600,000 scholarships representing more than$1 billion in funds. This site provides a wealth of information to help students maximize their chances of receiving scholarship.  - AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL GUIDANCE CENTER- find information on the criteria to qualify for hundreds of college scholarships, download the financial aid form necessary to determine your eligibility for need-based college scholarships and financial aid, link to free college scholarships searches, and obtain information on athletic scholarships and grants financial aid office email addresses phone numbers and more.  - A free scholarship search engine, play fun and challenging contests, plus link to all the hottest scholarship places on the Web.  - Provides college, career, and financial aid information and services for students and families.  - INDEPENDENT HIGH EDUCATION NETWORK - Quick facts about financial aid and some additional resources.  - Admission advising, financial aid info, online, real-time chat with professional guidance and financial aid counselors.  - Information on preparing for college, choosing the right college, and paying for college.  - AMERICAN STUDENT ASSISTANCE - Loan information.  - STUDENT LOAN INFORMATION.  - FELLOWSHIPS FOR NEW AMERICANS - provides opportunities for continuing generations of New Americans to achieve leadership in their chosen fields and partake of the American dream.  - Free financial aid information  - The Education Resources Institute.  - STATE RESIDENCY HOME PAGE - educates students, parents, and counselors about the process of establishing state residency, which can save tuition money.  – WORLD OF KNOWLEDGE - Awards scholarship money to students who win one of its student competitions.  - Information to locate and apply for college scholarships, internships, loan and savings opportunities, and to successfully transition from high school to college and from college to career.  -COLLEGE GUIDANCE SERVICES - financial aid information, services, and materials.  - Minority scholarships and fellowships.