Class of 2020
Below is a list of requirements in order for the members of the Class of 2020 to receive a diploma from the New York City Department of Education.  Please check with your Guidance Counselor to make sure you are on track for graduation and what Regents exams you require to fulfill your academic goals.
Part I - Graduation Requirements

8 English Credits in required English Classes (EEN41 through EEN44)
8 History Credits in required History Classes (HGN21 through HES11)
6 Math Credits
6 Science Credits
2 credits of Language for a Local Diploma or Regents Diploma
6 credits of Language for an Advanced Regents Diploma
8 terms of Physical Education
1 credit for Health
2 credits in Visual Art, Music, Dance and/or Theater
7 elective credits in any subject matter
Regents Requirements
Regents Diploma
Score 65 or above on 5 Regents exams and earn 44 units of credit.
The 5 Regents Needed (4+1)
1 Social Studies
1 Math
1 Science
1 Additional Social Studies, Math or Science
Advanced Regents Diploma
Score 65 or above on 9 Regents exams and earn 44 units of credit.
The 9 Regents Needed
Global History and Geography
US History and Government
3 Math
2 Science
Foreign Language
The Office of the Chancellor has stated that:
“Consistent with the need to maintain standards and to communicate to students our expectations of them: only students who have successfully completed the requirements for a high school diploma, including courses and standardized tests, will be permitted to participate in graduation ceremonies conducted by their schools.”