Class of 2020

1. Distribution of Caps and Gowns – The distribution of caps, gowns, and tickets for graduation will take place on

a. Tuesday, June 23, 2020 at 10 AM in the Auditorium for the those with the last name beginning with A through L
b. Wednesday, June 24th, at 10 AM in the Auditorium for those with the last name beginning with M through Z

c. Thursday, June 25th at 12 PM in the Auditorium for anyone who is taking a Regents exam they need for a diploma.

PLEASE BE ON TIME! Mrs. Grant will have to run errands for graduation will not be at school late on these days. BE ON TIME!

If you have orientation at college during any of these dates you can send a friend or parent with your school ID to pick it up for you at these times.

2. Graduation –  will take place on Friday, June 26, 2020 will begin at 10 AM SHARP! Seniors need to be at Hofstra by 9 AM. The ceremony will last no longer than 2 hours and if you are planning any celebrations afterwards you should plan to be leaving Hofstra around 12:30 PM. You will be lining up by Economics classes and I will explain how this will work when you pick up your cap and gown. You will need to fill out a yellow card on graduation day which will show the teacher who will be reading your name the correct way to pronounce it. We will go over this when you pick up your cap and gown.

3. Graduation Tickets – You will receive 5 tickets to graduation when you come to get your cap and gown. Due to the size of the Class of 2020, there WILL NOT be any extra tickets. If you have a friend who will not use all of their tickets, they can give you their tickets, but they must request all 5 tickets when they pick up their cap and gown and then they give their extras to you.

4. Graduation DVD – We have hired a company to videotape the entire graduation and create a DVD. This is part of senior dues. You will be receiving the DVD by the end of July, early August directly to your home. The company name is American Multimedia Video. If you do not receive it by August 15th you can contact them at 954-684-1693. WHEN YOU PAY YOUR SENIOR DUES, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU COMPLETE ALL THE APPROPRIATE PAPERWORK AND MAKE SURE MRS. GRANT HAS YOUR CORRECT MAILING ADDRESS ON FILE!!

5. Graduation Photos – We have hired a company to photograph graduation for students as they receive their diploma and as they come off the stage. Information regarding this will be given out when you pick up your cap and gown. The company will send you a proof of these photos and if you would like to order any of these photos you can contact them directly. The graduation photographer is Island Photography. All this will be done through the mail. Please make sure that we have your correct MAILING address. If you would like set up a direct link to the photos for you, your family and friends, visit the Island Photography website to register. You may register several emails to allow all of your friends and family to receive a direct link to this event. Images will be posted within 72 hours of the ceremony. All inquiries can be made to Island Photography directly at 800-869-0908 and purchase is optional. These are not included in your senior dues. The direct link is

6. Graduation Transportation – As you know graduation will take place at Hofstra University which is in Uniondale, Long Island. It is very easy to get to by car or by the Long Island Rail Road. Directions can be found at the following link:and will be given out when you pick up your cap and gown. We have limited space available on buses that are reserved for the FHHS Faculty. There may be limited seating available if a student and a few family members may need transportation. Information will be available at a later date
8. Diplomas/Report Cards – Diplomas must be given to students directly. THEY CANNOT BE MAILED THEY ARE A LEGAL DOCUMENT.  Diplomas, Report Cards and Transcripts will be distributed directly after the graduation ceremony at Hofstra University.  All students will meet their family outside of the arena after they receive their diplomas and paper work.