Student Safety
PE Locker Room Policy
1) All Forest Hills H.S. PE locks will cost $16.
2) All students will be issued a locker # and be given a Forest Hills H.S.
lock that is already secured in place on their respective locker #’s.
3) Students will keep these locks on their same locker # for their entire
high school career including the semester they have health.
4) At no point in time should that school issued lock leave the locker
room or the building until graduation or transfer to another school.
5) It is the student’s responsibility to check the integrity of their locker
daily and report any discrepancies to their PE teacher or AP Birkhold
6) All students must check that their lock is secured before leaving the
locker room which includes pulling down on the lock to make certain it
does not open.
7) As has always been the case, nothing may be stored over night in
your PE locker other than your PE attire which includes shorts or
sweatpants, T-shirt, socks, sneakers and deodorant.
8) Your child will only have access to the locker room during their PE