Oberhaus, Richard

Criminal Justice/Police Sciences
Introduction:  Criminal Justice/Police Sciences is a class that was designed for students who are interested in a career in law enforcement. The law enforcement field encompasses the police, courts, corrections, and incorporates thousands of Federal, State, and Local agencies and hundreds of possible careers. This course will provide students with two Law and Humanities elective credits. We will look at all aspects of the Criminal Justice System including Federal, State, and Local structures. Our main focus however, will be the Police. We will concentrate very heavily on the NYPD which is the largest police department in the United States, and their role in keeping New York City safe. We will also look at the court system, the corrections system, NYS Penal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, the US Constitution, notorious criminals, and so much more. 

Textbook Used: "Criminal Justice in America" 

Other Material Utilized  
  • NYS Penal Law 
  • NYS Criminal Procedure Law 
  • NYS Law Extracts 
  • Most Notorious Criminals    

 Units of Study
  1. Foundations of Law Enforcement, Crime, and the Criminal Justice System (Lessons 1 - 14)
  2. New York State Penal Law (Lessons 15 - 33)
  3. New York City Police Department - NYPD
  4. The Court Structure 
  5. The Penitentiary System 
  6. Notorious Criminals

  • Guest Speakers
  • Episodes of COPS
  • Movie to Conclude the Year

Note:  This class is for Juniors and Seniors only due to the content of the material.  Parents MUST sign a permission slip for any student to remain in this class unless the student is 18 years or older.  There are no exceptions to this.  If you are placed in this class and your parent/guardian does not give permission  you will be removed and placed into another elective.

Remote Learning Message - Week 2 - Sent on 3/29/20

Hi Everyone,

We are starting week 2 of remote learning.  I really don't know how long this will last but we must make the most out of it.  I am going to continue with 3 assignments per week.  I think that is our best option.  This way you have time to work on your core classes.  All students in Criminal Justice are required to complete the work.  

You can submit it through google classroom which is the best way or you can email it directly to me at  As I stated last week please avoid emailing through pupil path.  It comes from a do not reply email so I have to then sign into pupil path to reply.  If you email me directly then it is easier.  

I just posted the 3 assignments for week 2 on google classroom.  I will also post them on our class web page.  

  1. Assignment 1 - Lesson 43 - two documents were attached.  Due on Tuesday 3/31/20
  2. Assignment 2 - Lesson 44 - three documents were attached. Due on Thursday 4/2/20
  3. Assignment 3 - Lesson 45 - three documents were attached. Due on Monday 4/6/20.
I am also planning to hold at least one virtual class per period this week.  We will likely do it on Wednesday.  I will send more information tomorrow.  We will using Zoom which is a free app that you will download and we will hold a 30 minute virtual class.  If everything goes smoothly I will hold a second one either on Friday or Monday.  If you are not able to meet, I will excuse you but you must contact me to tell that you cannot meet.  
I hope all of you are okay.  Hopefully we will return to normal soon.  
Mr. Oberhaus

Remote Learning Message - Week 1 - Sent 3/22/2020

HI Class and Parents,

So tomorrow officially begins Remote Learning.  I will be honest with you, I am still trying to figure out exactly how to do this. 

I have created a Google Classroom account.  I think this will honestly be the best and easiest way for everyone to do the work.  I will post everything on Google classroom as well as the school website.  This way if google classroom goes down hopefully the website will not.  I will also continue using pupil path. 

The google classroom access code is 2j3fojz  (number 2, lowercase j, number 3 , lowercase f, lowercase o, lowercase j, lowercase z)

I also would like to start using Remind immediately.  We can communicate quickly.  I can send short messages and you will be able to respond.  To sign up for Remind - text to number 810-10 with the code @h2bck6 (lowercase h, number 2, lowercase b, lowercase c, lowercase k, number 6).

For week number 1 - Monday 3/23/20 through Monday 3/30/20

The files on google classroom will say that they are a test packet.  It's not a test but it is portions of an actual NYPD Exam.  I will grade it classroom. 

  1. NYPD Test Packet 1 - This assignment will be due on Google Classroom on Tuesday 3/24/20.
  2. NYPD Test Packet 3 - This assignment will be due on Google Classroom on Thursday 3/26/20.
  3. NYPD Test Packet 4 - This assignment will be due on Google Classroom on Monday 3/30/20. 


As you know, besides teaching I am also the Technology Coordinator for the school and I have to continue that job from home as well.  I will have to balance both.  My plan is to make myself available to my students between 7:30 am and 11:30 am.  Contact me via email, through google classroom, or remind.  My email is   My tech hours will be between 12:15 am and 2:20 am.  If you contact me during that time I will respond but try to stick to 7:30 am to 11:30 am. 

I will likely send you a daily hello message each day just to check in.  I sincerely hope you are all healthy and stay that way.  This will pass and life will go back to normal. 

Contact me with any questions.  I miss you guys!!

Mr. Oberhaus