Cascardo, Phillip

National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month-Sept

WORLD DIABETES DAY     November 14, 2019

WORLD AIDS DAY ,           December 1,  2019-

World Aids Day -Digital Wall board- See your health Teacher for details! a 1000 photos for December 1, 2018- the day Forest Hills celebrates!

World Health day,              April 7, 2020

National HIV Testing Day 6/27/20

projects  and assignments are due at class time unless prior approval has been granted by Mr. Cascardo in writing ( e-mail),  only parental requests  will be considered.
  • Check calendar for note book check and Mid-term/ final exam topics & dates !


Note- Rubric for The Family Tree will have added to it- the Procedure page ; in addition , a   Q & A  page  will also be added; both  will share  space in either the Executive Summary Category or the conclusion Category - This will be done manually by Mr. C.
Note; students must  deliver all projects in  school   @ / on due  date or a loss of credit of one letter grade, will occur- more credit may occur if later


Health Teacher/ HIV & Diabetes Coordinator