ENL College Resources
This page was created to help our English Language Learners navigate the College Application Process and help them understand the high school requirements that will help them apply for the colleges they hope to attend.

You will find the following resources attached to this page:

College Handbook 2015 - this is a guide book for all high school students. This handbook will help you navigate the college process.

Presentations - Navigating the American College Application Process presentations that were made to the 9th, 10th and 11th grade classes on March 9, 2018.  

Club Schedule - We encourage students to join a club and be a part of Forest Hills High School activities beyond the classroom.  List of clubs can be found on the links below.

Sports/Athletics - Interested in joining a team, checkout the different sports that are available for you to tryout.  They are listed by season and you can contact the coach at the emails provided by the link.  Listen to school announcements and checkout the school website for tryout dates.

Graduation Requirements Checklist - Not sure what classes you still need to take.  Check your transcript on Pupil Path and use the checklist to see what credits you have and what you still need.

Electives - Thinking about an elective class you are interested in taking outside of the core curriculum?  Click HERE to see the elective handouts for each department..