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Name Position Email
Wilbur, Paul Interim-Acting Principal
Bardossas, Harry Assistant Principal- Security
Birkhold, Walter Assistant Principal- Music, Art, Health, & Physical Education
Cali-Neumann, Barbara Assistant Principal- Special Education/Instructional Support Services
Fitzgerald, Rosalyn Assistant Principal- Math
Grebstein, Ellen Assistant Principal- Pupil Personnel Services (Guidance) & Programming
Kim, Boosang Assistant Principal- Science
Lee, Regina Assistant Principal - Data, Programming, & Testing
Macias, Raul Assistant Principal- ENL & Foreign Language
Rosenblatt, Neil Assistant Principal- Organization, Attendance & Testing
Sanchez, Carrie Assistant Principal- Social Studies & Business
Troy, Maureen Assistant Principal- English

Parent Coordinator

Name Position Email
Khaimova, Suzanna Parent Coordinator


Name Position Email
Abramov, Benjamin Social Studies Teacher/Dean
Aguirre, Maria Foreign Language Teacher
Anastasiadis, Kleoniki Social Studies Teacher
Anderson, James Science Teacher
Antenucci, Beatrice Foreign Language Teacher
Apostolopoulos, Anastasia Social Studies Teacher/Dean
Arzberger, Jeffrey Music Teacher
Bacchus, Nafeeza Social Studies Teacher
Banks, Jessica ENL Teacher
Barrios Rodriguez, Yisell Foreign Language Teacher
Bega, Julian Math Teacher
Belesis, Georgia Social Studies Teacher
Bergstein, Adam English Teacher
Bernal, Jenny Health Teacher
Bhim, Chaitram Math Teacher
Biener, Ofra Science Teacher/Coordinator of the Carl Sagen Research Program
Boily, Matthew Science Teacher
Born, Lawrence English Teacher
Bralower, Peter Special Education/ISS Teacher
Bruno, Lilla English Teacher / Testing Coordinator
Brusch, Shara English Teacher
Calabrese, Juliann Science Teacher
Calca, Alicia Special Education/ISS Teacher
Carlson, Lynn Social Studies Teacher/Law & Humanities Coordinator
Carro, Nicole Special Education/ISS Teacher
Casalan, Rochelle Science Teacher
Cascardo, Phillip Health Teacher/ HIV & Diabetes Coordinator
Chacon, Helen Foreign Language Teacher
Chan, Eric Science Teacher
Chen, Billy Music Teacher
Chen, Jill Foreign Language Teacher
Cheshire, Tim Physical Education Teacher
Chiang, Charlie Math Teacher
Chilakis, Pauline ENL Teacher
Cho, Anna ENL Teacher
Chobhaphand, Ben Physical Education Teacher
Cittadino, Anna English Teacher
Colon, Johanna Social Studies Teacher
Coyne, Virginia English Teacher/Dean
Curtin, Natasha Special Education/ISS Teacher
Dakis, George Social Studies Teacher
Daniels, Scot Foreign Language Teacher
Davis, Michelle Physical Education Teacher
Davis, Kerri Health Teacher
Deonarain, peeloshmee Foreign Language Teacher
Derisi, Dawn Sign Language Teacher
Diaz, Maria Foreign Language Teacher
Dulay, Giselle English Teacher/Dean
Eccardt, Deborah Math Teacher
Economides, Maria English Teacher
Epp, Greg Social Studies Teacher
Esquen, Rosanna Foreign Language Teacher
Falco, Steven Science Teacher
Fernandez, Andres Special Education/ISS Teacher
Ferrante, D Social Studies Teacher/Academy of Public Service Coordinator
Fondeur, Geraldo Special Education/ISS Teacher/Dean
Forte, Nancy Math Teacher
Fragias, Juliana English Teacher
Frank, Lindsay Special Education/ISS Teacher
Franke, Rachel English Teacher
Fuccillo, Jennifer Social Studies Teacher/Dean
Gadayeva, Rima Math Teacher
Gallagher, Justine Social Studies Teacher
Garelle, Judy Physical Education Teacher/Athletic Director
Garry, Alfred Math Teacher/Dean
Gelfand, Joshua English Teacher
George, Sherry Math Teacher
Giella, Frank Art Teacher
Glass, April Social Studies Teacher
Gluskin, Sherry Special Education/ISS Teacher
Goss, Terence Music Teacher
Grant, Martina Social Studies Teacher/Senior Teacher
Grottola, Audra Physical Education Teacher
Gruber, Douglas Science Teacher
Harris, Naomi Foreign Language Teacher
Hendricks, Paul Math Teacher
Herskovitz, Lauren English Teacher
Higashide, Natalia Foreign Language Teacher
Hogue, James Social Studies Teacher
Hogue, Jennifer Social Studies Teacher
Holt-Schwartzberg, Virginia Teacher Special Education/ISS
Homer, Lisa Science Teacher
Hovsepian, Daniel English Teacher/Dean
Jackel, Joel Science Teacher
Jia, Qiaochu Science Teacher
Jiang, Tsuner Math Teacher
Jimenez, Vanessa Foreign Language Teacher N/A
Johnson, Audrey Physical Education Teacher
Kaessinger, Laura Special Education/ISS Teacher
Katsiaris, Pantelis English Teacher
Katsiavos, E. Social Studies Teacher
Kaur, Gagandeep Science Teacher
Kelly, Tara Social Studies Teacher/Coordinator of Student Affairs/We the People Advisor
Kiesel, Kyra Special Education/ISS Teacher
King, Ryan Music Teacher
Kleiner, Janet Physical Education Teacher
Koch, Robert Music Teacher
Kopun, Jeanne Science Teacher
Kostro, Anna Social Studies Teacher
Kratzer, Michael Math Teacher
Kuchmeister, Gary Social Studies Teacher
LaPinta, Maria Foreign Language Teacher/Assistant Program Chair
Lally, George Math Teacher
Lanzer, Lucia English Teacher
Lazar, Felician Social Studies Teacher
Lazar, Y Foreign Language Teacher/Dean
Lee, Angela Math Teacher
Lee, Nicole ENL Teacher
Lee, Amanda Math Teacher
Lee, Jenny ENL Teacher
Levin, Paulanne Special Education/ISS Teacher
Levine, Morgan Physical Education Teacher
Licht, Jerry Science Teacher
Liebowitz, Jamie Physical Education
Lin, Evelyn Math Teacher
Litkowski, John Special Education/ISS Math & Business Teacher
Lock, Camila Science Teacher
Luby, Ryan Special Education/ISS Teacher
Luxenberg, Scott Special Education/ISS Teacher
Malhame, James English Teacher
Mandelkorn, Daniel English Teacher
Mason, Alicia Special Education/ISS Teacher
McDermott, Virginia English Teacher
McGovern, Terence Social Studies Teacher/Dean
McKenna, Melanie ENL Teacher
Meltzer, Scott Math Teacher
Memedoski, Ajsa Social Studies Teacher
Mermelstein, Stanley Attendance Teacher/Truancy Officer
Milana, James Special Education/ISS Teacher
Miletic, Natalie English/Drama Teacher
Miller, Marisa Science Teacher
Minadis, Chariclia Science Teacher
Mireles, Stephanie Special Education/ISS Teacher
Morgan, Maryann ISS Teacher
Morrison, Amy English Teacher
Morrissey, Amanda Special Education/ISS Teacher
Mussman, Kenneth Physical Education/Health Teacher
Najar, Mario English Teacher
Nussbaum, Astar Special Education/ISS Teacher
Oberhaus, Richard Social Studies Teacher/Technology Coordinator
Orfini, Stephanie Special Education/ISS Teacher
Owens, Maureen Foreign Language/Teacher
Packman, Jessica English Teacher
Park, Jihae Math Teacher
Pedicini, Michael Science Teacher
Pellei, Irma Math Teacher
Perez, Matthew English Teacher
Persaud, Anandi Social Studies Teacher
Peterkin, Odessa Social Studies Teacher
Philip, Christine Science Teacher
Piaser, Ariel Special Education/ISS Teacher
Pincus, Jordan Social Studies Teacher
Pino, Stacey English Teacher
Pujol, Jose English Teacher
Quinn, Staci Dance Teacher
Rattigan, Tricia Social Studies Teacher
Reifler, David Social Studies Teacher
Rho, Yves Special Education/ISS Teacher
Richardson, Paulette English Teacher/Dean
Ritto, Jenna Special Education/ISS Teacher
Rivera-Edusei, Mariela Foreign Language Teacher
Rodriguez, Ed English Teacher
Rodriguez, William Science Teacher
Rosner, Samantha Business Teacher
Rosse, Nicholas Special Education/ISS Teacher
Rotella, Joseph Social Studies Teacher
Rullo, Antonio Special Education/ISS Teacher
Salamon, Daniel Science Teacher
Salane, Maria Foreign Language Teacher
Santiago, Maricor Social Studies Teacher
Sawh, Mahendra Science Teacher
Scanlon, Lauren Science Teacher
Schenker, Scott Physical Education Teacher
Schlau, Diane Special Education/ISS Teacher
Schmer, Brett Science Teacher
Schneider, Christine Physical Education Teacher
Schwartzberg, Howard Art Teacher
Segal, Andy Math Teacher
Seiden, Deborah Social Studies Teacher
Semetis, Laura Math Teacher
Sequeira-Ruiz, Christina Physical Education Teacher
Serio, Stephen Physical Education Teacher
Sherman, Carlyn Math Teacher
Silagy, Lauren Special Education/ISS Teacher
Silver, Gregory Special Education/ISS Teacher
Simonetti, Megan English Teacher
Singha, Amanda Special Education/ISS Teacher
Sioukas, Vaselios Physical Education Teacher
Snow, Theresa Instructional Support Services Teacher
Snow Barna, Karen Special Education/ISS Teacher
Snyder, Karen Social Studies Teacher
Stelio-Marangos, Catrina English Teacher
Stephans, Kristen Science Teacher
Suriel, Emmanuel Math Teacher/Robotics Team
Suydam, Robert Business Teacher
Talreja, Kat Special Education/ISS Teacher
Tartak, Ben Math Teacher
Temple, Bruce Physical Education Teacher
Tin, T Social Studies Teacher
Torres, Edgardo Special Education/ISS Teacher
Toth, Dana Special Education/ISS Teacher
Trujeque, Neil Foreign Language Teacher
Vampas, Kristen Special Education/ISS Teacher
Vasquez, Raysa Social Studies Teacher
Vella, Maria English Teacher/Program Chair
Vidal, Anthony Business Teacher
Westerfeld, Karen Social Studies Teacher
Wheeler, John Science Teacher
Woo, Matthew Science Teacher
Youn, Sewoong Teacher Special Education/ISS
Yu, Louis Science Teacher
Zhang, Zhen Social Studies Teacher
Zhu, Xiaoling Math Teacher
Zimmerman, Lewis Science Teacher

Computer Technicians

Name Position Email
Betty, Andre Computer Technician
Mei, Jack Computer Technician


Name Position Email
Bilge, Elvida Secretary - Program Office
Bougatsos, Cleopatra Records Secretary
Clinton, Camille Secretary - College Office
Kotsay, Andrea Secretary to the Assistant Principal Organization
Kotsay, Cathy Payroll Secretary
Poggi, Abigail Secretary - School Based Support Team
Russell, Allison Principal’s Secretary
Scherer, Wendi Principal's Secretary
Solimando, Sharon Secretary for Assistant Principal of Guidance